Had you coiled around my arm
How could you ever know
How I loved your diamond eyes?
But that was long ago

Go now, you’ve been set free
Another month or so you’ll be poisoning me
Your lovely smile
I see you slither away with your skin and your tail
Your flickering tongue and your rattling scales
Like a real reptile

And I should have believed Eve
She said we had to blow
She was the apple of my eye
It wasn’t long ago

I’m that person who talks to you about a piece of media for 2 hours, and then screams “no, don’t watch/read/go near it, it’s awlful, DROP IT, RIGHT NOW, IT’S DISGUSTING, LEAVE IT BE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

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I remember all the costumes almost had to be vintage - none of them could be made just because of the budget of the film. So we didn’t have doubles or anything like that. They were all true vintage clothes from the period, which was very helpful. As an actor, to get to wear the clothes and the feel of them changes the way you walk and sit and all that stuff. - Dane DeHaan, Kill Your Darlings Commentary

"I once had a dream, or a vision, and I imagined that dream to be of importance to other people, so I wrote the manuscript and made the film. But it is not until the moment when my dream meets with your emotions and your minds that my shadows come to life. It is your recognition that brings them to life. It is your indifference that kills them. I hope that you will understand; that you when you leave the cinema will take with you an experience or a sudden thought—or maybe a question. The efforts of my friends and myself have then not been in vain…" — Ingmar Bergman

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airmanphilips asked: Once you get this you have to list five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers. (just do it ok unless you've already done it then u kno)

oooh, ok

  1. I’m a fast learner aided by more or less good logical thinking. No really, they had me ~tested. I’m smart. It says so. In writing. (l o l rrrriggghttt. but it does.).
  2. hands. i have nice hands. and skinny wrists. i deliver that general aesthetic.
  3. i don’t know if i like it or not, but i often mimic people automatically (i mean i adopt your speech patterns after about an hour in the same room, it gets weird), and i feel like it can be useful for.. idek, writing?
  4. i have eclectic tastes in things. i took lessons in knife throwing and classical piano, and so on.
  5. i’m a fast walker. it’s useful. i cut through crowds masterfully.

i started making that gifset i promised, but let’s all for a moment look at this cap where everyone’s having a conversation while bill seems busy checking out someone in the background

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i bet you didn’t know you wanted this to exist, yet here we are


Marrakech by Robin de Lestrade

“We think sometimes we’re only drawn to the good, but we’re actually drawn to the authentic. We like people who are real more than those who hide their true selves under layers of artificial niceties.”
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, (via eleanorlwilston)