do you think anyone ever misinterpreted roland barthes’ death of the author essay so badly that he just had to correct them

my feelings about people’s aesthetics are too complicated for me to be able to abide those memes. my response just end up being long-winded tangles of “well i would touch his hair happily but i don’t wanna fuck him. maybe sleep next to him? humans”
yuuuuuup. i tend to get either very emotional or creepily anatomical like “they’re ok but have you seen their clavicles?”, “those hand tendons are marvelously sculpted by Mother Evolution”. and then there are marriage proposals like “let’s discuss writing, and sing in karaoke bars. (badly. optional.).”

i sometimes get bored and want to do one of those “rate how hot that celebrity is” thing, but the rating involves “pretty” as a rating point, and often “pretty” is the opposite of “hot”

and it just… i don’t know, it upsets me

spanish is really the ideal language for russian ppl bc the rules of reading/pronunciation are v similar and even some grammar is slavic-ish
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Yes, I have an agenda. Living.

*I wish you knew how often I quote the opening line of this song

just click play, you’ll understand

i love how half the comments to that “RRRRRrrrrraúl” post are just people going “omg i can’t pronounce ‘r’ like that”


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