Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster in A Streetcar Named Desire.


Dane DeHaan for Prada (2013)

Whiskey Moon Face live @ Ziferblat

Whiskey Moon Face - My Woman (live @ Ziferblat)

in the light of recent events

(the light of recent events being this: I kinda had to review Houdini, so I had to watch Houdini. *rolls eyes* which reminded me, tragically, that upon witnessing monsieur Brody on screen I generally turn into that 3rd grade kid who taunts and mocks the girl he likes because there’s no fucking way he’ll admit anything)

anyway, I was saying

in the light of those truly horrible recent events (*cough*kremlin bells*cough*ra-ra-rasputin*cough*godawful*cough*admittedly endearing*couggghahahhaha*)


in the light of recent events i realized i’ve never seen The Brothers Bloom, which is a situation I intend to fix in the nearest future, be prepared for me yelling a lot about…

*grasps screen*

…costume design

I don’t think we ever discussed how aesthetically important this picture is


“The only truth is music.” 

- Jack Kerouac


The Innocence (or Snake Girl)Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach