I’m sorry but I just got to that interview where Raul Esparza talks about Tom Stoppard being one of the best playwrights of our time, and about being in Arcadia, and pretty much



(M)EAT : 8 delicious songs of flesh and blood

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tracklist: 1. kill of the night - gin wigmore; 2. a formidable marinade - mikelangelo and the black sea gentlemen; 3. bones - rachel sermanni; 4. eat raw meat = blood drool - editors; 5. prey: shotgun mix - recoil; 6. maneater - blue-eyed blondes; 7. like treasure - editors; 8. mouth’s cradle - bjork

this paragraph is getting better with every word, I’m laughing so hard, check out that survival kit, look at those choices

Chilton’s desk remained in the office, but there was no chair, it being small enough to steal. The drawers were empty except for a crushed Alka-Seltzer. Two filing cabinets remained in the office. They had simple locks and former technical agent Starling had them open in less than a minute. A desiccated sandwich in a paper bag and some office forms for the methadone clinic were in a bottom drawer, along with breath freshener and a tube of hair tonic, a comb and some condoms.

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Lena Hoschek AW 2014

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"this is such bullshit" yells a confused dr. frankenstein as he is forcibly removed from a body building competition



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i actually first wanted to choose this one for the ~victory song, i don’t know how much ~victory this assumes, but it has a great mindset (and i didn’t fuck it up that much)