i promised a playlist for this thing, and here we are.

( LISTEN @ 8tracks )

PART 1: FAST FORWARD (songs of kinves, guns and whiskey)

Step by step
All the happy saints go marching in
And if one of those saints step out of line
He’ll have to start again
Cause Jacob’s golden ladder
Get’s slippery at the top
And many a happy-go-lucky saint
Has made that long long drop

1. when i was a young girl (feist); 2. chop and change (the black keys); 3. lady (regina spektor); 4. do me a favor (arctic monkeys); 5. future starts slow (the kills); 6. lose your soul (dead man’s bones); 7. this girl is taking bets (thea gilmore); 8. step by step (jesse winchester)

PART 2: REWIND (songs of sea and fading stars)

Good lord it was a beautiful day
For untangling, unraveling my heavy heart away
To forgive and forget myself
and my enemies, my bruises washed away

9. this mess we’re in (george blagden and anna b savage); 10. cherry tree (the national); 11. night terror (laura marling); 12. echo of spring (my woshin mashin); 13. o theo (matthew perryman jones); 14. godrevy point (patrick wolf); 15. first breath after coma (explosions in the sky)

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